Circuit Board Push To Talk Walkie Talkie Headset

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    Jan 14, 2010
    First off I am new to electronics, especially circuit boards so I dont know all the terminology; but i'm learning as I go along. Ill keep this short as possible and get straight to the point. I will admit, I did get over my head and as much as I don't like asking for help; I will be mature and ask for help which is why I am here. And for anybody who is wondering why I did this; it's because I do undercover work and needed a remote switch so I wouldn't stick out like a sore thumb when I pull out my headset to press the switch to activate the mic. And my boss is cheap and with that being said, I couldn't find any professional made accessories.

    I took apart a headset for a walkie talkie. More specifically where the mic, push to talk button and the switch to select between push to talk for voice activation. I disconnected the momentary switch for the button when the you press it to activate the mic when the headset is in PTT (Push to talk) mode so I could extend the switch and activate my mic from the switch that I extended. I was trying to go for the secret service idea. Everything worked fine for me. Then I got more into the project and cut all into my wire (big mistake). So now I have one long wire that has the 2.5mm plug at the end(its a 2.5mm NOT 3.5mm) with two different wires. One thin wire and one thick wire. The problem is that on the thick copper wire also has a smaller white conduit wire with copper inside the small wire. So now that I have everything torn apart which was a big mistake, I have no idea which wire to connect the ear phone to (the thin wire; the thick black wire; or the thin white wire thats inside the thick black wire). I just need to know which wire to connect it to so I can solder it on and then solder my wires back onto the board. I dont want to short circuit anything since the headset that I got will be plugged into a company radio. Ive tried looking everywhere for a wiring diagram of a walkie talkie headset so I could figure it out on my own; but I must not be searching for the correct criteria since I can't find what I am looking for

    I attached two drawing I made to the best of my ability using Microsoft Paint. Hopefully it will aid in the understanding of how my board is laid out and the head on view of the wire that has the 2.5mm plug attached.

    Thanks for the help