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Hello everyone.

I am looking for help and/or resources on accomplishing a task. As far as my skill level goes I know the very basics about components on a circuit board, and have soldiered numerous dc jacks on laptop computers. I am a n00b. But I am willing to learn if you guys think my task can be accomplished.

I have a Garmin Nuvi 200w. Long story short, my brother locked my gps and forgot the unlock PIN. My goal is to try reset my unit to factory settings without haveing to send it back to Garmin. This unit is old now, so I am not worried about breaking it. But if I can fix my issue and learn something from it, that would be much more valueable to me.

I have done some investigating. There is a processor in this GPS, Random Access Memory, Flash Memory, Card Reader, USB Mini Jack, and LCD Screen. Under the flash memory on the other side of the PCB, there are some mini block units that resemble resistors. Aside from that the PCB is basic. I have tried unplugging the unit from power and the battery for an extended period of time to try and reset it. That did not work so obvioiusly this lock code or feature is stored in flash memory. I have a feeling if I can format the flash memory on the PCB I can reset my unit to factory settings.

Le me know if you guys think my project is feasible, and if so where i sould go form here.

Thanks in advance!