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    attached is a AMZ mini-booster guitar effect pedal schematic. I have two questions regarding the function of this circuit.

    1. C1 is 0.05 F this is a huge capacitance. I know you can add capacitors in parallel to achieve this value but it would take too many.

    From what I understand this capacitor (C1) acts as a block for any DC component that the input signal may be carrying. So is this a typo and is there another value that would be acceptable?

    2. What is the purpose of C2? at higher frequencies this will act like a short circuit. that is all i can understand about its function.

    please correct me if i am wrong on this analysis:

    R1 and C5 act to set the input impedance of Q2.

    R4 R2 R3 act as a bias point for Q1.

    C4 helps stabilize the power supply. AKA a decoupling capacitor. or to filter out any noise that the supply may have.

    C6 helps to increase the gain at higher frequencies

    C3 blocks any DC component to the output.
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    C1 is probably supposed to be 0.05 μF (50 nF). This bill of materials from an updated version supports that theory:

    Your circuit is an adaptation of the JFET μ amp. It's shown at the bottom of page 5 in this application note:

    Circuit theory is described here:
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    thanks for the quick response and the links!