Chopping a Breadboard?

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Hello all, sorta a newbie to this forum (but I have been watching it for a little while), and I decided to ask a question here because you guys seemed pretty good with this (and I am in sort of a rush):

Okay, for a current project I'm working on, it's using a breadboard (of course) at the moment. Because I am time-limited (must be done by this Friday) I need the finished product to currently use the breadboard. However, the board is a bit too big to fit where I need it to go, so I was wondering if it would work to physically cut the board (like in this pic along the Blue line) and obviously not use any part near the cut, would that work? IF so, what would be best to cut it with?

Thanks for any insights you guys can give.


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In your photo, the top and bottom section have rails that run horizontal and the center section has rails that run vertical. Most boards have self adhesive pads on the back. If you peel them off you will see, and can remove the rails. Use a small hand saw, cut the plastic and use side cutters to cut the rails to the new length and re-insert.