Choosing the right MOSFET

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Hello there :)

am trying to find a MOSFET that works in saturation region for small fixed voltage (VDS= 1.1 V maximum ) and passes small current around (IDS= 1 mA) all while having a VGS value of around 0.5 V or less . Something similiar to the ALD1116 with the ID vs VDS graph attached.

I have been using the ALD1116 but I need to take down the VDS and VGS down in vlaue and its showing some issues. The gate voltage range am working with is -0.4V to +0.4V.

How would you search for such specifications? Any recommendation for a MOSFET that works in such conditions?


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you mean JFET...
if BJTs, they better be Germanium type

BF245C and similar are known to operate in 0.1V or less but circuits are extremely sensitive.
BJT need Vbe forward biased so 0.4V should work with Ge types (good luck finding them)
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