choosing the best latch for alarm

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Johnny Ace

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I am creating analog burglar alarm circuit and powered by 5 volts. I need help finding the best latch for it. I currently have the CD4044 S/R Latch, but I was wondering if there's any better latches. The main requirement is having the lowest cost possible. A secondary requirement is having low power consumption.
Thanks for your help.
If you do not need the reset function electronically, I sow SCR's as MCR100 used in fire alarm systems to satisfy a function that once the alarm is on, only a manual interference would reset it, also it consumes no stand by current


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This is similar to a post of a week or so ago and as with that one there are several ways to go about latching the circuit. An SCR can be used, there are other ways just as you found using the SR flip flop. You could do it with a couple of transistors and have the same reset ability the SR flip flop has.

You need to post some sort of schematic so people can better see what you are doing otherwise it is all guess work.