Choosing a Good 18Fxxx Derivative

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    Sep 3, 2009
    Hi ,

    My name is Amjad A.R. I will be really thankful if any one could help me in choosing a good 18F series PIC microcontroller. The thing is that, till now I was working with PIC16F series, mostly the famous 16F877A for doing sevaral projects. The programmer I was using was a JDM programmer, I found in internet. And using ICPROROG software. But, now the problem is that I am currently working with a LED Display project. In this project, I need to store large amount of Data in Program memory. I need more than 24 KB of ROM space for storing data. But, in 16F877A the ROM space is limited to 8KB.

    I am really in a difficult situation now. I searched the Microchip's website for devices with large ROM space. I found that, only 18F series supports this much space. Can you please suggest me a suitable stable device which got atleast 24KB ROM space. No demand in other things like PIN counts, EEPROM, etc. But should have self write capability. And the thing is that, please suggest a device whose programmer can be easily made and circuit available in the internet.

    Please help me.


    Amjad A.R.
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