Choosing a Driver for LED

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How to choose a LED driver ( current controller/ voltage controller ) for a LED circuit which is connected serially .

I will explain my circuit.

3 nos of 5050 SMD LED's

12.7 KOhm resistor

Diode - ????? - Do not know what diode it is...


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LED = Light Emitting Diode

If the power supply is stable a simple resistor would suffice. However, you haven't given any information on that. We need to know if it is regulated, and what the voltage is.

If it isn't regulated then you will need to build either a current or voltage regulator. I favor current regulator.

What is your skill level with electronics?

You have given us a part number of the LEDs, but a link is better. There is no way of me knowing what a 5050 LEDs, though I understand the SMT just fine. Better still is the Vf of the LED and its current rating?

Schematics are the language of electronics. You can hand draw a schematic, and either take a picture or scan it and post it as an attachment. You speak as if referring to an existing schematic. My telepathic skills are nil however, so I need to see it.

Basically we need a lot more information to be able to help.

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I just understood something else from your wording, wiring LEDs to AC mains is not allowed here at AAC. If you want to bring this circuit up you will need to use low voltages. Please read our Terms of Service (ToS).
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