Choose MOSFET for stepper motor driver

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In case of being misunderstood, by source I don't mean the source of the MOSFET but the Voltage applied on the left of the schematic, from the drain ti the ground.


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Without knowing what your Vdss specification will be, making a decent recommendation will be very difficult.

You say 4.7v; is that the gate control voltage that's available? All logic-level MOSFETs will work with that.

Is the stepper motor bipolar, unipolar, or actually a BLDC motor? Posting the manufacturer and part number or a link to the datasheet will be most helpful.

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Each phase of the motor should be carrying 1,8A through its resistance (2,6 Ohms), so the voltage across its coil should be 1,8 X 2,6 = 4,7V. The supply voltage of the circuit should be 4,7 + Vds (drain to source). We would prefer Vds to be smaller than 4,7 in order for the MOSFET to be less consuming. A clip from the motor's datasheet has been attached with a connection circuit. The circuit won't be the same, instead of transistors we are going to use MOSFETs. The motor's maximum speed won't be more than 1000 steps/sec.
Any ideas about which MOSFET to choose?



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For "As Small As Possible" - SI5406CDC

20V Vds
6A continual current
1.5V Vth turn on, so 4V would switch it well.
6Watts dissipation - Mount on large copper pad for heat sinking.

Size is 2mm x 3mm, smaller ones are available, but would require reflow soldering as they are in a BGA type package.