Cheetah the tarzan chimp has died.


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I am sorry to hear that.

One a lighter note, I kept hearing how Cheetah could have done so many jobs better, especially in governments (the TSA comes to mind). He will be missed by many people. Many will be saddened that such a multi-talented highly trained individual has passed, as he was an inspiration to so many.


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He was right down the road. Poor guy. I think I saw him once when I was a kid. Since FL never freezes were a mecca for private sancuaries. So there are tons of rescues for Bears, Cats, Primates, etc... Most people don't even know they are there. Only the close next door neighbors who hear the roars, and hoots and hollering, oh wait thats just loosewire our other state treasure.


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Let's not be too sad about this. If he was really the animal that appeared in even the later Tarzan films, he must have been about 100 by human standards. We all have to go some day!
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