Check whether the fuse from multimeter is blown or not

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Kelvin Lee

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Dear Sir/Madam,

I have a Digital Multimeter UNI-T UT890C+, from the manual, there is an instruction

"The red test lead can also be used to check whether or not F1 or F2 has been blown. If the “mAμA” jack is tested to be 1MΩ and
“A” jack is tested to be 0Ω, then the fuse acts good. If the unit displays “OL”, then the fuse has been blown."

I don't understand how to test whether the F1 or F2 fuse is blown, does anyone get the meaning?

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Are you asking for instruction clarity? Or are you asking how this can work?

Do you understand how to check the fuses without opening meter? Are your fuses good?


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Remove black test lead.

Plug red test lead into V-Ohm receptacle.

Put meter on high ohms function.

Now put red probe into hi-amp receptacle. Meter should read 1 megohm if fuse is good. "OL" if fuse is bad.

No put red probe in ma receptacle. Meter should read zero ohms if good. "OL" if bad.