check resistors and capacitors


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Resistors are easy. Set meter to read resistance. Place one each meter lead on one each resistor lead. Adjust scale.

To check a capacitor for short, set meter on highest resistance scale. Place one each meter lead on one each capacitor lead. Meter reading should increase to "overscale" if the capacitor is not short. (I prefer old-fashion analog meters for this check.)

To check the value of a capacitor, one will need either an external device or a very expensive digital meter.

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I am a newbie so please be patient to help me.thank you.
I want to test a resistor's resistance fixed on a mobile phone.
To check resistance should i remove it from the phone or can i check it onboard with power on or off.Can you guide me with pic?.
Please explain me.


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It's often impossible to check a component in circuit. With surface-mount, it's also hard to know what the value of the device is as well.

Unless you have the equipment and expertise to remove suspect components from your cell phone, you're more likely to do harm than find a problem. Unless the device is obviously burned or discolored, it's probably ok. Voltages and currents in cell phones are pretty small. The failure is more likely to be in a semiconductor or ic, or in a bad connection/connector.


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Just curious, have you read the eBook here? It covers a lot of ground, and will give you a good start.