Cheapest route to ISM band RF carrier?

Discussion in 'Wireless & RF Design' started by wannaBinventor, Aug 2, 2010.

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    Apr 8, 2010
    I'm engaged in an ongoing pursuit to prototype my invention idea. I've been able to use a PIC for some different channels of IR transmission/reception. I'd like to use the same concept, but with RF to increase my range. I've been looking at my options for RF transmission. I've been introduced to the Microchip line of transceivers and RF transmitters.

    Long story short, I need to make an ADC at one point and then transmit it to another point.

    MicroChip's rfPIC12675F offers the ADC (only need one channel) as well as a 434Mhz carrier. Problem is, volume pricing puts it at 2.11 per unit. Alternatively, I can get a PIC10F222 for $0.39/unit at volume which has the ADC and memory that I need, but no built in RF of course.

    The difference here is 2.11 - 0.39 = $1.72. From a production standpoint, if I could find/make a circuit that generates an RF frequency in the ISM band for less than, say $1.50/unit (accurately/consistently), it would be worthwhile to just go that route and modulate it with OOK from the PIC10F222.

    The MRF89XA + PIC10F222 @ volume prices = $2.07/unit, but I don't know if the 4 cents savings would overcome the cost of shipping/programming/placing/soldering an extra component.

    Any advice on finding an IC or making a circuit to ACCURATELY and CONSISTENTLY generate an RF carrier freq for around $1.50/circuit(IC?)

    Thanks for the help.