Cheap and Compact Bluetooth Music Controller - AVRCP

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First of all let me say that about a week ago I had no idea where to start on this problem, I simply knew that I wanted to create a cheap and compact BT music controller (only). I would like the circuit to be able to connect to as many devices as possible; iPhone, Android etc - I don't think this will be an issue so long as they support the AVRCP profile. I'm a mechanical engineer by profession and have had very little electrical experience. So the solution I'm presenting here is almost certainly lacking a lot of features.

I have attached my attempt to create a circuit. I have a couple of questions, aside from is it even remotely correct:
- How would I include a watchdog timer circuit to shut down power after a nominal time, can that be programmed on the BT module?
- does the BT module come "programmed" with the profiles ready to run, i.e. it's just a case of connecting power, buttons etc and then it will be able to pair?
- If the BT module does need some tweaking, in terms of programming - what equipment would I need to do this, and how would I go about doing it?
- Finally, I know that Lipo's do not like to be run below (2.8V?) how do I incorporate a cut-off at this V into my design, or is it included in the protection circuit which most Lipo's come with?

If you are able to answer my questions directly would be great, or point me in the direction of some reading would also be much appreciated.


Edit: I should say that they majority of the circuit came from here and here


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