chassis to earth how?

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I need some help with an old box power supply. (40's, 50;s Welsh Scientific 2606k 12 dc / 24 ac) I have no schematic but it appears to have no on/off switch which is a problem. It also has a circuit breaker which I do not trust. I simply want to take some measurements if only for its noise and cycle hum. I tried to draw (below) some grounding alternatives but need expertise. I don't want to get bit. So, I have questions about polarization and protection.

1) add a strip with breaker on the line in (unlike where I drew the fuse.
a) make sure it breaks the whole circuit
2) add ground to both chassis and earth

Here is where I am stuck. Can I come off the core? How do I come in and out of the transformer? Thanks for any suggestions.:)



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I'm not sure of your question here, but a chassis connected to earth ground is as safe as one can get.

Isolating from ground is less safe.