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I would like to build a simple charging circuit where I can collect light using solar panels (small panels) and store the energy. I would then like to measure the amount of energy collected. I was thinking of hooking up the panels to a capacitor and measuring the voltage at various points in time to see how much energy has been collected. Is it that simple or is there more to it?


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As an experiment, this is possible--only use a very small PV panel and a very large capacitor so that it does not charge so quickly that you cannot obtain measurements. Set it up for a charge time of about 10 minutes.

Remember the useful relationship: IT = CV
I = current in amps (constant current)
T = elapsed time in seconds
C = capacitance in farads
V = volts

Plot Voltage and current vs time on an Excel Spreadsheet Graph

ε = CV²/2

Plot energy vs time

Plot relative efficiency vs output voltage

Answer the questions:
Why does the energy increase exponentially with time?
How can this happen with a relatively constant current out of the PV panel?
Why does the efficiency change with output voltage?