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    Jan 24, 2010
    hi new here and have been searching for thread that suit my need but cant find one...

    i m currently on my project to make a charging device that can charge mobile phone using touchpanel as the power source...

    i have done my regulated circuit but it doesnt seem to work..:confused:
    my touch panel can generate +-50mV..
    can u guys suggest any circuit or idea that can provide 5V regulated output?
    kindly appreciate your help...

    warm regards,
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    Sep 20, 2005
    You mean something like a touch sensitive layer for a display? Do you really think you can get any POWER from that?
    +-50mV is very low voltage to start with, and I don´t think that tapping fingers on the screen can generate anywhere near enough energy to even power the conversion circuit, let alone charge a battery.
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    Dec 5, 2009
    wow. so for a 5v battery, you would have to tap the panel 7000 times per second for as long as the charge took.

    What type of touch panel are you thinking of using?
    What is the specs for the battery you are wanting to charge?
    Can you post the schematic for the circuit you attempted?

    A friend of mine tried using a piezo vibration absorber to make a charger. It lit a few leds, but was hard to keep going.

    Snowboard companies use the technologies to absorb vibrations from the snowboard and convert it to light in leds.

    The vibrations were fed from the engine of his car. He needed a great deal of piezos to get the current required to charge the battery, so it was not cost effective.
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