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If I remember correctly you cannot get rid of all the electrostatic charge. Let's say you have two hollow metal spheres, one electrically neutral while the other is negatively charged. If you touch them together, electrons will immediately flow from one to the other. However, since the negatively charged particles will start repelling each other as soon as they get into the neutral sphere and you will eventually have two spheres with charge = E/2, where E is the original electrostatic charge, in essence a state of equilibrium.

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place the charged body inside a hollow metal sphere and join these two bodies internally by a conducting we know that the ALL charge of the sphere must reside on its surface.hence all the charge of the body will be transferred to the hollow sphere...i wonder if this is practically possible.
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That would be extremely difficult just to get all the electrons out of an object and trillions of times harder to then get all the protons out and away from the now naked nuclei. If you could transfer the complete charge of a body, the only thing left would be neutrons. Is that what you meant by charge or did you mean just the electrons?