Charge Indicators

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New phase of a project.

I have a 24 Volt source charging some storage Caps.

I am charging these with a resistor and LED in series
and a second resistor of lesser value in parraelle.

My theroy behind this is that the current will take path of the lower value resistor to charge the caps while for a time also go through the LED.
When the LED no longer is lit this tells me through my trial and error that I am about 80% charged.

I now need to indicate that I am charge to above 80% with another LED.
Would I just use a high value resistor say 2.5K to do this I am aware that this will deplete my storage in the caps but only very slightly. The caps are about 10,000 uf @ 50V

The ultimate aim is to show charging and charged for the storage caps.
I am unsure if I have used the best solution so any pointer would be great.