Chapter 2 Solid State Theory

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    Some corrections and suggestions:

    Page 2 Uncertainty:
    "The popular explanations of this “uncertainty principle” was that it was a measurement error usually caused by the process of measurement"
    Should be explanation (singular) or else "were that" (Plural)
    Repetition of the word measurement seems unnecessary.

    Page 2 Angular Momentum Quantum Number:
    Diagram description:
    "(p) Shown: sx, one of three possible orientations (sx, sy, sz )," Should be P not S (I think).
    "(d) Shown: dx2-y x2 similar to dxz, dyz, dxz." Should read "(d) Shown: dx2-y2 similar to dxy, dyz, dxz.".

    Page 2 Magnetic Quantum Number:
    "To calculate the number of orbitals in any given subshell, double the subshell number and add 1" however 'Angular Momentum Quantum Number' diagram displays d subshell twice with 1 of 5. I don't know if this is an error, but I found it confusing.

    Page 2 Spectroscopic Notation:
    "(1s1 and 2s1, respectively)" comma is superfluous.

    Page 3:
    "Sodium chloride crystallizes in the cubic structure shown in Figure below. This model is not to scale to show the three dimensional structure. The Na+Cl- ions are actually packed similar to layers of stacked marbles. The easily drawn cubic crystal structure illustrates that a solid crystal may contain charged particles."
    This paragraph appears to be in the wrong place. It is a long way from its diagram and interrupts the flow of the document.

    Page 3 "Once the Na and Cl atoms have formed Na+ and Cl- ions by transferring an electron from Na to Cl, with no free electrons." This sentence is incomplete.

    Page 3 "Two electrons may share an orbital if each have opposite spin quantum numbers" Spin is a dead link.

    Page 3 "The diamond unit cell, the basic crystal building block, in Figure below shows four atoms (dark) bonded to four others within the volume of the cell."
    should read
    "The diamond unit cell is the basic crystal building block. The Figure below shows four atoms (dark) bonded to four others within the volume of the cell."

    Page 3 Review:
    "Atoms may donate a few to expose an userlying shell of 8, accept a few to complete a shell,"
    few should read few electrons.
    userlying should read underlying.

    Page 4:
    "an insulator. at higher temperatures" Missing capital letter.

    Page 5:
    "To be useful in semiconductor applications, the intrinsic semiconductor, pure undoped semiconductor must have" should read "To be useful in semiconductor applications, the intrinsic semiconductor (pure undoped semiconductor) must have"

    Page 5:
    "This is a flattened, easier to draw, version of Figure above." Above is a dead link.

    Page 13 SQUID:
    "The DC SQUID is only considered in this discussion." should read "Only the DC SQUID is considered in this discussion."
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    I don't know either at this time. I will have to research this further and correct it at a later date. This is pending.

    I am changing the full sentenceas follows:
    Both hydrogen and lithium have a single electron in their outermost shells (1s1 and 2s1, respectively), giving the two elements some similar properties.

    All other changes suggested by gareththegeek have been entered.

    As usual, I am not able to fix the broken links. Though they do work in the PDF and ibiblio html.

    In closing, I would like to thank gareththegeek for the detailed account of errors, which makes my job easier.

    Will post back here once I update ibiblio.
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    Agreed, except that the orbitals are d (xsquared - ysquared) and d(xsquared) not x2-y2 and x2

    How about

    One popular explanation of this 'uncertainty principle' was that is was a measurement error inherent in the measurement process itself.

    I think the rest are errors in English.
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    I have updated the ibiblio copy for numerous corrections (not just for this thread) over the last few days. The list of affected files and images follows:
    DC V1:dcmeter.sml contrib.sml 00502.png
    AC V2:basicac.sml contrib.sml
    Semi V3: bjt.sml diode.sml contrib.sml theory.sml 03288.png 03304.png 03392.png
    Digital V4: boolean.sml contrib.sml
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