Changing from alphanumeric LCD to graphic lcd

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I have written a code using PIC 16f887 that works completely fine with 16x2 character LCD

But now I need to add some features that could be done only on graphic LCD

I am using AGM1232G graphic display(manufacturer: AZ display).

I first need to make my previous code work in the same way as before even with graphic lcd

I could not figure out the same

Do I need to modify the code completely or is there any better solution?

This is my first time working with graphic lcds

If anyone has an idea please let me know

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Modify the code completely as they works in a different way.
If you don't know how they work,google for GLCD turorials their are a lots of them...
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This is a truly graphic LCD display. When you write an 8 bit word to it you change 8 pixels on the screen. The good news there is you only have to write it once, then the display remembers and refreshes itself.

I've used similar displays before, spending a large amount of time to get them to work, as they have no features besides showing pixel data. So to show letters and numbers you have to decode the ASCII character into some sort of bitmap pattern, figure out where that pattern goes, and send it out byte by byte if you are lucky; nothing says the characters have to match pixel byte boundaries so you may be shifting and masking a few bits here and there to latch a character in.

I used a PIC18F4550 (32K instructions) which was OK for my uses, had two fonts, large numerals, and a few direct bitmaps all in a touch screen environment.

I'd made damn sure you can't use the RAM characters of a alphanumeric display before going to this one.