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    Oct 20, 2008
    I've got rudimentary electronics skills. Recently I realized a need to link two momentary switches with RF. I need about 100ft through obstructions. With the near ubiquity of this technology in our lives, I anticipated going to DigiKey and finding a pair of RF xmit/rcv ICs that I might just deliver power to, antenna connections to, and momentary across two pins on xmit side, and opamp to relay across two pins on rcv side. Surely the state of the art should allow the novice to accomplish this mean feat in the winter of 2008? I look around me and my world is a'swimming with such devices.

    Alas no. I need to know about coding/decoding, PIC programming, etc. Or someone (many actually) suggest "just hack a wireless doorbell".


    I'm not putting together a multifuntion robotic device, complete with data stream, flashing lights, gps, locative sensors.... I could understand the learning curve there. Go back to school young man. You're asking for the moon. But just a simple link between momentary switches? No help here at all. Really?

    In the entire catalog of wonders available to us on the net, one cannot do this more elegantly, simply, than hacking apart a Home Depot item off the shelf? For shame!

    Anyone able to point me in a better direction?
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    Jan 28, 2005
    Take a look at the website They sell lots of wireless solutions that are not that complicated to cobble together.