ch 2 solid state theory

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    Feb 11, 2009
    pg 51 last paragraph ref. to figure 2.24 (a) should be 2.24 (b)
    pg 52 first paragraph ref. to figure 2.24 (b) should be 2.24 (c)
    pg 54 last sentence missing a period
    pg 55 sec 2.6 first paragraph typo "an" should be and
    pg 56 figure 2.29 (a and b) add labels forward and reverse bias under each drawing to make reference easier
    pg 56 figure 2.30 (a) may want to state that this diagram is for a forward bias junction
    pg 56 last paragraph ( "only leakage" should be changed to leakage current)
    pg 57 last paragraph spelling error (recombinetion should be recombination)
    pg 58 sec 2.7 junction diode 2nd paragraph may want to add after galena, " a natural mineral form of PdS."
    pg 58 last full paragraph - 2 periods after diode
    pg 59 fig 2.32 b - may want to mention the ohmic contact shown on top of the P+. ( this may be looked a from the description as the encapsulated area)