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Originally posted by nanobyte@Nov 24 2004, 09:08 AM
I was just wondering is it possible to build a cellphone by hand. :huh:
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No, not unless you had lots of time, lots of money, and wouldn't mind a phone that would end up being about as large as a microwave oven! The reason why cell phones are so small is because of the custom IC's (integrated circuits) and the associated programming. Sure it may be possible to buld one from scratch, but I'm sure that the final cost and the results would be far less than desirable. It would also have to be certified to pass FCC regulations for spurious emissions. Could you build a TV from scratch? Sure! Could you build an AM/FM car stereo with CD player from scratch? Sure! But no one does that for obvious reasons. Why bother when you can go down to your local Radio Shack and buy one?!