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    Me and my friend were trying to figure out how cell phone jammers work. When I was in Iraq and Afghanistan they were placed around the entrances of the camps I was on. My friend also was in contact with them in Iraq. We are in circuits class and the topic came up about cell phone frequency.

    I know it is against the law to make cell phone jammers. But our question is what signal is actually being sent? He seems to think that it is broadcasting static over the cell phone frequency. That seems to be logical analysis. I am not sure. The other guy in class said you would not have to broad cast anything. I did a search online and could not the information.

    We are more concern about what is exactly "jamming" the signal. Our Professor said you could broadcast a radio station over that frequency.

    While I was doing my search online I did find out an alternate way companies and places "jam cell phone." The article I read said companies put metal flakes in the walls to interfere with the cell phone signals.

    Something interesting I did not it was illegal to interfere with the frequency/signal because we were doing it all the time in Iraq and Afghanistan. I guess you if do something so long then realize you were doing illegal things but in this case it was safety.

    I hope no one slams me over asking a boarder line question.
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    Thank you. I must have missed the terms of service.

    Sorry about that. I will remember to read that before I post anything else.
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