cc2500 in uart mode

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  1. milind213

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    Dec 27, 2009
    I am using cc2500 with atmega32.
    I want to use cc2500 in uart mode because i think in spi mode it is too big to handle.
    for that purpose i did following things:

    1. i reset cc2500 using sres command strobe.(0x30)
    2. then i configured the data rate to 9600 by writing appropriate values of DRATE_E and DRATE_M in respective registers.
    3. then i configured gdo2 (=RX by writing 0x0D )and gdo0(=TX by writing 0x2D)

    i configured all this using spi interface.
    As i could successfully read back all written values everything is fine but this serial wireless link is not working.

    Am i losing out on any step to make cc2500 work in uart mode?
    please explain if so else what is the problem?

    one more thing if you can explain how to work with cc2500 in spi mode (accessing tx rx FIFOs) it will be very useful. I have gone through datasheet and many of design notes but i am not understanding it clearly. I am using smartrf studio for my calculations

    thnx ...
  2. Eduard

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    May 6, 2010

    I have experience eith cc2500 chip.
    Mainly I have used it in SPI mode but not in UART mode.

    In SPI mode to access fifos you should simply read or write on burst bases.
    What you mean <<< but this serial wireless link is not working.

    did you have 2 blocks transmitter and receiver ?
  3. k_general

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    Apr 24, 2009

    I am also trying to interface cc2500 mounted in module QFM-TRX1-24G with 8 pin output with atmega16 but I didn't understand even how to send or receive data form the transceiver or how to configure the module

    any advice or simple document about how to deal with it or at least understand it

    Best Regards