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Hello All,

I am constructing a Cigar Box Guitar (CBG) with a built in 2 watt mini amp. I am using the FK602 2 watt power amp kit made by Future Kit (at http://www.futurekit.com) and purchased from QualityKits (at http://www.qkits.com). Construction of the kit is complete (after one or two minor mishaps) and is functioning properly.

However, the volume control is board mounted and I would really like to have the volume control mounted on and accessible from the outside of the CBG.

My question is this...

Do I have to de-solder and remove the existing trim pot or can I just add a surface mounted trim pot connected in parallel with the original pot (left at full R value)?

I have attached a copy of the circuit schematic and component list. I have noticed several labeling discrepancies (copied from original schematic, several component values are incomplete and several pin numbers are missing from the IC) in the schematic, I hope these are not a problem.

Please bear in mind I have very large and cumbersome hands and delicate work is tenuous at best. Hence the "one or two minor mishaps".

I appreciate any suggestions and help given.

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You can leave the existing volume control VR1 where it is. Just set it to the max volume.
Add an external volume control ahead of your input connection, the same way VR1 is wired.