Cascode Amplifiers

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It should be cascade amplifiers not cascode. In some elements of the discussion it was spelled cascade and in others it was spelled cascode.


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I think the guest was possibly referring to this paragraph from the Cascode Amplifier section.

While the C-B (common-base) amplifier is known for wider bandwidth than the C-E (common-emitter) configuration, the low input impedance (10s of Ω) of C-B is a limitation for many applications. The solution is to precede the C-B stage by a low gain C-E stage which has moderately high input impedance (kΩs). See Figure below. The stages are in a cascode configuration, stacked in series, as opposed to cascaded for a standard amplifier chain. See “Capacitor coupled three stage common-emitter amplifier” Capacitor coupled for a cascade example. The cascode amplifier configuration has both wide bandwidth and a moderately high input impedance.

They appear to be incorrect in their assertion. Looks fine to me.


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I'm hoping that marie111000 will return and let us know which specific statement or section in the ebook she suspects is wrong. Then we can check to out.