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I am trying to cascade two Johnson counter 4017 in order to achieve division by 60. In order to divide by 60 I thought to have a division by 6 and cascaded with a division by 10 however, I tried to conect the output of the first one into the input of the second one but it did not work, after that i tried by grounding the master reset of the second one since i read somewhere on internet that i could do that and i got an output which is divided by 55. I would really appreciate if anyone could please help me with this in anyway.



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Each CD4017 divides by 10. The datasheets for CD4017 ICs show how to cascade them.

You would need to cascade six of them to divide by 60 and cascading needs extra gates. Look in google for clock circuit to see how to simply divide by 60.

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I am using 74HC4017 I can get the desired output from each IC on theirown, is it not possible to cascade them by using some digital logic?


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I want to use some 4017 for a similar job. What I want to do is arrange for them to count 60,000 pulses from a 555 and then stop. The frequency is about 2.4Khz, the output from the 555 also goes to a stepper motor controller so that the motor runs for a specific number of turns, 60,000 pulses is just right. I was going to and arrange for the reset pin on the 555 to go low via a transistor when that count is reached. To start it again I was just going to blip the 4017 reset lines high.

I was intending adding another 3, 4017 after the divide 60 circuit. Is this correct or do I need to add a fourth 4017 and detect from no 1 output?

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Wookie showed the way. Qty 4 4017's set up as divide by 10 followed by another 4017 set up as a divide by 6. Qty 5 4017's total used.