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m a 3'rd yr electronics & comm engineer. i m interested in a career towards my core , can u advice me which courses to focus on & how to apply .
what abt my chances of making it as compared to sofware field?
wold sm extra coures help?


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I very strongly suggest courses in spelling and grammar. It is absolutely vital for an engineer to be able to work as part of a team. An indispensable part of such teamwork is clear written communication. Typing "u r" instead of "you are" and similar laziness is bad form. Learn to communicate clearly, and your future co-workers will consider you an asset instead of a liability!


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hahaha, doesn't get more "Real" than that...

I am also interested in this, I find that as more electronics are involved with computers in most ways, I have considered a CompTIA A+ Certification course, which consists of 2 core exams and classes cover both hardware and software.

I have taken online practise exams that are available for free in some places and havent done excellent, but scored well into the passable range, so im gearing up to take the final soon.

The test cost $150 to take and I have read that it is Nationally recognised as a Computer repair tech / Electronics standard from a PC point of view.

Like you, i have also considered engineering with software...more specifically, semiconductor engineering and firmware programming. This i have to look into more before i can share my findings.

I wish i had more info to offer you, good luck in whatever you decide to follow!
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