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I'm interested in doing an ee degree, but I was told by an old buddy of mine who has worked as a technician to choose another degree as electronics is a bad choice. He gave a few reasons why, such as low salaries, work moving to other countries.

What I want to know is whether or not he is right? I don't know enough about this area to make a decision, so a better idea is to ask people who know and see what they think. So is my buddy right?
If you don't mind a response from someone with another degree, I might offer a bit of experience from choosing a degree that had with it superficial opportunities to make money, locally various career paths, etc (Business).
I have made fairly good money and I have made an average wage within that (very broad) field. It NOT the degree but the economic working climate, desire, networking, & passion that makes both financial success and personal fulfillment.

A generalization that an EE degree makes little sense may be valid IF you choose a career path with a dead end & you have little love for what you do. Only YOU van decide what personal success is.

Years ago the Aero-space industry took a serious hit and engineers in that field were flipping hamburgers. Some stayed with it and moved into related fields and began the climb back to financial success but those same people always loved the concepts and the creativity of their profession.

When we can predict the future with certainty then we can choose a career path with confidence. But we always can recognize what we enjoy intellectually.


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An associates is pretty close to what a high school diploma used to be worth. The places I've worked valued a Bachelors or Masters, but the main thought seems to be if you have an advanced degree you are capable of learning. The actual degree subject wasn't as important as the degree itself. Interestingly, this doesn't seem to apply to computer science in my current company, I know several people who have gone back to school to get an advanced degree in some other subject so it would "count". Of course, this is a lot easier since most of the basics are already taken care of.


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Never chase the money. Chase the dream. Do what you love, even if it means driving a less sexy car. You'll be vastly more happy in the long run.

I've had jobs with lots of money. They invariably come with lots of stress, little free time, and little sense of meaning. I'm much happier with less money and more life.

YMMV as always.


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Newpaper's have ad's for people with great knowlege all the time.
The internet provider's have request on there site's for people.
If you know all the right answer's and you can preform as good as some
of the member's on this site,you are hired. You are doing the right
thing by posting your ability on the site and let the member's check you
out. They can read between the line's and you judge by replie's if you
have what it take's.For a good steady position,you either know it or not.
The member's will read this and say,what did he say,we don't know
what he is trying to say. See how good our member's are,you have rise
above this to be hired.If you are good.(YOU ARE HIRED)

P.S. you must be able to put a site like this up on the net and manage it in every detail for starter's.
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