Car stereo system in the home

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Hi all,

I'm new to the forum and would appreciate any suggestions you may have.

I have a car stereo system installed in a vehicle that will no longer be used but since the audio system is of high quality I figured I could install in in my basement workshop.

I have seen a Tripp-Lite PR-60 power supply that converts AC power to DC for sale in my neck of the woods and wondered if this would do the trick for my intended use.

The audio system would not exceed 60 amps but I'm not sure if this device is intended for such an application.

Any comments or suggestions?

Thanks to all!!!


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That power supply should work fine to power your car stereo.

You might measure its current when operating, if you can, to see if you can use a smaller and less expensive power supply.


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I have an old car stereo in my workshop, and I power it with a transformer from an old model train set (plus rectifier + voltage regulator). I don't think it ever draws more than an amp or so.


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Another option is an old unloved automotive battery with a $20 Wal-Mart trickle charger on it. That would probably be cheaper than a 60A power supply.


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I tend to use SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) lately because they aren't as messy. They don't have open ports to access the sulfuric acid.


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I've repaired a lot of car stereos on the workbench.

Close listening levels on a car stereo will draw an amp or so. Even "loud" might only be 2A or 2.5A.

Any 12v DC 2A supply should do fine unless you plan on using it for dance parties.