Car Radio Repair and My Observation

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It all started when my wife's radio/cd player lights in her 2001 Sebring Convertible started doing nothing but flashing on and off. I searched the internet trying to find a fix or a cheap replacement. I found a rebuilt radio for $243 plus a $500 core charge for the non working radio. Long story short, I found one for $50 from an individual and it works perfectly. So, now, I thought that I would try to figure out what happened to her original radio because what I found on the internet, the Infinity Gold was not a reliable radio for. Of course the first thing I did was to Google Car Radio Repair, 2001 Chrysler Radio Repair, etc. without any success. Then I Googled How to Check Diodes because that is what I thought that I was looking at on the circuit board when I dismantled the radio. This site is what I landed on and I thought that I had found the paradise. Now all I have to do is type in “Radio Repair” under Search and I was going to get my answer on fixing the old radio and having it as a spare. Well, I did a search and came across LED's question, “What Does What in a Circuit” and after reading all of your answers, I realized that if I wanted to fix this radio, I am going to have to heed the advice you gave to LED and do some homework on electronics. I have started on the NEETS and the E Book section. Once I get some basic understanding of circuitry, then I will pose to you questions that I may have. This could take awhile as I have been out of school for some time; actually, we are having our 40th class reunion on Oct. 4th. Where has the time gone? This is an awesome site and I am truly blessed to have come across it. Very Professional! Thanks for allowing me to access this site and all of the educational information that is available at my finger tips. Michael (detel)