Car amplifier repair: Specifically an a/d/s PH15

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I love the Internet. Found this place on Google.

Okay, so I'm pretty sure I've overheated my old a/d/s PH15...It has a temp sensor--when it gets too hot, it shuts down. So for a while, it would cut out, then come back on, then cut out...Then one day it just cut out for good. I opened it up and couldn't see anything that looked obviously damaged, but I'm new to this and I expected to see something black or melted. I have the service manual circuit diagram, but it's really pushing at my limits of understanding.

I don't really have the cash for a professional repair (the amp just isn't worth hundreds of dollars), but it's been sitting dead on my shelf for months and I just can't bare to get rid of it. I live in Manhatten and I'm sure there's someone around who is good at this stuff, but it just seems like it would be a minor repair if I knew what to troubleshoot. I don't think I blew out any of the channels. I'm decent with a soldering iron, but my testing equipment includes a voltometer and a 300W ATX power supply...

Any books? Known good repair shops nearby? Info on a/d/s amps?

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I too have a PH-15 now cutting out.
I'm looking for a fix or a suitable replacement amp?
any help appreciated.