Car Alarm modification.

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Hello everyone ;] it would be interesting to hear your opinion about this idea.

I want to upgrade my alarm system in the car, main idea is to control all 4 windows. Sometimes you just leave windows open after leaving car, i want to make remote windows cotrol system on alarm circuit.

ie: you push remote button "lock" once it will lock car but if you push button "lock" twice it will close all windows (it doesnt matter if it's opened or closed signal will be transmited in both situacions, because car have curency detection in window motors and i dont have to worry about crushing glass or breaking motors).

here is circuit: if it's possible to do ? what you would upgrade and change in it ? Thanks for replays.

Main idea of this circuit is to take alaram output signal which is for locking doors to uC pic12F675 and with uC manipulate car windows buttons via optrons. Optron connects directly to windows buttons.


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