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I am using HyperTerminal to read the data from rs232 now, and I want to send the data to another program after HyperTerminal. Does anybody know how to capture it? Or covert the file to text automatically? Or is there any other way to capture the data from rs232 directly?


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why do you keep opening different threads?? I already gave you some examples on how to do this..... what program are you trying to get the data into?? Maybe if you mention that information then someone can guide you better into doing what you want....


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Using HyperTerminal to capture text is straight forward.
Go to Transfer menu and click on Capture Text...

If your data is not text you can write a simple program on just about any platform,
QuickBasic, Visual Basic, Matlab, LabView, or even a spreadsheet program with a comm converter module.


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Using HyperTerminal to capture text is straight forward.
Go to Transfer menu and click on Capture Text...

He wants Hyperterminal to auto capture the data and capture it in a text file which he will import into another application.... there is no command line options to programatically extract the data into a text file without physically clicking on the options yourself in Hyperterminal...


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Again we don't know what you are trying to do (because you keep ignoring request to explain in detail your process/problem) but using hyperterminal to do it is probably not the best way at all. There are so many other/better ways to capture data from a barcode scanner and process it.

If all you want to do is just fill up an excel file with multiple scanned barcodes to dump into a database its REALLY easy to just get a keyboard wedge scanner and your problems are solved. Then all you do is open excel and start scanning.. Each new barcode will automatically become a new row. voila DONE.. No programming of any sort necessary. You might have to enable a setting in the scanner software to include a carriage return after each scan but its usually like that by default.
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I can't recall them specifically, but I've come across a couple of RS232 loggers that will append data to a file. Your program can then open the file and read it's contents.


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I run a BBS, an old fashioned telecom service that uses hyperterm and other terminal packages to do what you want. You need to pick a protocol, which is a transfer standard, on both ends. It really is pretty straight forward. They use names like Xmodem and Zmodem, but the main thing is it must be the same standard.

A BBS (Bulletin Board Service) is an automated system to do this. If you are doing this with another individual it is handy to have a second voice line to communicate.

You can also google for BBS lists in your area (you are a bit long distance for my BBS). You will get a lot of help in how to do this from these folks.