Capacitors in the mismarked package

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    Jul 31, 2009
    I had gone to the electronics store a while ago and asked to buy some 0.1uF ceramic capacitors. For switch debouncing and TTL decoupling. I got two packs of 10 each labeled from "JIM-PAK". Yesterday when I was trying to figure out the debouncing I needed one of these caps. Well, it didn't work very well, then I looked at the package and it said ".1pf". So I got another cap that I knew was right and adjusted the resistors and got the thing working really well.

    Today I went back to that store and asked about this. They had actually sold me the right thing, the package was just marked wrong. I asked about it and he indicated that "JIM-PAK" often gets the labelling wrong. The caps actually were marked "104" which sure enough means 0.1uF.

    The proprietor was nice enough to give me a sheet from Mallory that had these codes and the values. So I'm on my way to the next step in my project. But I thought maybe this information will help someone else.
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    Jul 22, 2007
    Look up 'LC meter', Inductance/Capacitance. I also have digital multimeter that measure capacitance as well.