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I am working with capacitor now and I have this question. I am applying a square wave (from 0 to 5V) on a RC circuit.
At the output ( at the resistor) I get a positive and negative values? why is that ?
I am suspecting the fact that the capacitor create a phase difference of -90 degree(between voltage and current)..but I cannot figure out the correct answer.
please can someone help me?

John Luciani

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when your square goes to 5V the capacitor charges to 5V (5V on the +terminal
and 0V on the -terminal). Your square wave then goes to 0V so you now have 0V
on the +terminal. Since the voltage across the capacitor cannot change instantly
and the +terminal is 5V greater than the -teminal the -terminal has to be at -5V.

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