Capacitor substitution and Inductor question

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    Apr 3, 2009
    this is a 2 part question. both questions are about the attached schematic.

    First off, there are 2 sets of three capacitors in parallel on the right side of the circuit. each individual cap is rated at 470nF. translation says that there can be 3 or 4 caps in parallel for each set. now if i go with 4 in each set, i get a total of 1.88uF. now i was able to salvage a bunch of 2.2uF pulse rated caps that match the voltage rating. my question is, will it be OK if i go a little higher on the value and go with 2.2uf instead of the 1.88uf?

    second question is about the chokes on the input. translation is: 30 turns of 1.5mm(14awg) wire on a 6mm ferrite rod. im trying to find what the L value is of each coil, but there is no mention of permeability, AL, or anything to give me a clue as to the final value is. this is where i need your input. thank you for your time!
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    You might want to redraw that circuit a bit, it is in direct violation of ToS. Otherwise it will have to be moderated.