capacitor resistor circuit exercise book question REVISION

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Attachment Is Circuit Diagram I Need To Find Out
1 The Time In Milli Seconds For The Capacitor Voltage To Reach Your Value Of Charge Voltage

2 The Value Of Capacitor Voltage After The Value Of Charge Time

3 Assuming The Capicitor Is Fully Charged The Time In Milli Seconds For The Discharge Current To Reach Your Individual Value After The Switch Has Been Opened

4 Assuming The Capacitor Is Fully Charged The Value Of Discharge Current At Your Individual Value Of Time After The Switch Has Been Opened

Will Someone Be Able To Do This One And Show Me Working Out So I Can Do Second One On My Own



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Problems like these are easily solved with the formula in the attachment.
Just plug in the values supplied to find the unknown.

the charge voltage i presume to be the voltage accross the capacitor and the charge time you put in for t etc. (i think anyway)