Capacitor/Discharge/high voltage generator.

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    Hi all,

    this is sort of query about capacitors!!! & can when I put it in work out the long number??
    This cap is a 470uf electrolitic one...

    Quote"The Amount of charge in a capacitor can be indicated by the "Voltage across" the capacitor (the voltage supplied by a battery or other Power source) or, more accurately, by the quantity of electrons displaced in one of the capacitor's electrodes.

    The quantity of electrons in an electrode of a capacitor is measured in coulombs. One coulomb is a quantity of 6,280,000,000,000,000,000 electrons (6.28 x 10^18) ^^^^ whats this Long number written in words... I cant do it!! :eek:


    To determine the charge in either electrode of the capacitor(Q), multiply the capacitance (C) by the voltage across the capacitor (E) (Q = C X E). For the 470uf (470x10-<negative power of 6F capacitor at 9V this is the calculated as follows.

    Q = C x E = 470 x 10-6x9 =4.23 x 10negtive power of 3 coulombs or:

    470 x 0.000001 x 9 = 0.00423 coulombs
    (265,564,400,000,000 electrons)

    Yes Ive got it from the 130 in one maxitronix lab kit.. I want to know that very long number in written sence.. please sorry to go on..
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