capacitor choices for applications

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    I understand only a few small rules of thumb when choosing caps..My question is what is the use for all the different common types of caps? I understand ceramic caps have low inductance for high frequency apps and probly low esr aswell...electrolytic are considered the worst quality, low tolorance, highest esr etc..and are used for high capacitance apps that dont require all those good traits.

    If someone can make a nice list of applications and what a a type of capacitor material goes with it that would teach me alot about cap material I have read writeups that give the very basics but not everything and they do not give examples of applications.

    I am working on an IC amp and I see some people selling their completed circuits on ebay utilizing "box" capacitors and others and I would love to know the reason why. I have alot of small ceramics, and green plyester, and electrolytics btw. what are "box" caps for? etc...Beeing that I plan on building a huge variety of different circuits throughout my learning of electronics any and all examples would really help for future reference.
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