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Hi everyone. I have been to this site many times for Excellent advice and info. I have a question on a 230v single phase ac compressor. The compressor is a Copeland CR33KQTFD cap start cap run motor with a potential relay. The original compressor went bad and we ordered a replacement with both caps and the potential relay,well they only sent the compressor and the start cap. The local supply house had the run cap but not the OEM relay. They gave us a generic replacement rated for 110-277 coil volts. After a day of running the relay went bad. We went to another supply house and they crossed the OEM part to a Mars replacement wich is rated for 390 cont coil volts. After the relay was changed we checked the voltage between common and run we had 230v between common and start we had 330v. I know you will have a higher voltage on the start winding but does this seem correct? Thanks in advance Tim