Can't find Spice 2g6

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I think this is the right forum to place this post. Anyways, I am reading the Lessons in Electronic Circuits Vol 1 DC and in chapter 2 in the computer simulations part, the author is using spice version 2g6. I have searched google extrensively and never was able to find any download for the 2g6 version. I found some sites that had it for download but they dont work.

Is this version of the software even available anymore, if it is still available where can I get it?

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That is the original Berkely spice that all the other spices are based on. It doesn't have the GUI that the modern spices have. You have to write net files and submit them, etc

You should download a free trial version of pspice or one like that to use, if the circuit isn't too complex.


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What OS are you running on? 2G6 wasn't written for currently popular OS. If you are running Linux there may be distrib. package for your OS on some repositories on the net. You need to search at the usual places...

If you are running Windows, then it is a little bit tricky. There was a ported version that was available. Try searching for keyword for the binary. This is a C version ported from the original Fortran version intended for running on DOS using extender.

If whatever version of Windows that you are currently using doesn't like running DOS extender program, then tough....

I suggest you skip the 2G6 and look for the 3F5.