Canon 450D digital remote control

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    Oct 4, 2009
    Some time a go with the help of these forum users I manage to make a remote control for Canon 450D that has the following functions:
    1. Normal RC with focus, shutter and bulb controls as those on the camera body;
    2. Remote trigger : - Sound trigger – for sound triggered events
    - Light/ Dark trigger – to detect fireworks, lightning; to detect when a drop of water passes through a beam of light…
    For the remote trigger I use a delay circuit (mostly for the light/dark trigger) to compensate the time interval between detection and the moment that the event is occurring.
    You can see what I did so far at

    Now I want to make the same remote using a microchip (like ATMega , PIC) and a small display. I never used and work with these kinds of circuits, so any help and suggestions will be appreciated.
    The final product will have to be as cheap as possible and easy to programmed
    On the programming part, do you think is possible to make at home a device or should I buy one?

    Thank you!