Can you use a micro potentiometer for a TPS Sensor Should be a simple answer.

I figure the issue here if you want to repurpose the display that was made to monitor battery charge.
Many times the controlling voltage to go from the 100% down to the 0% level is determined by the type of battery it was designed for. If this was for a Li-Ion cell it will likely need 4.2VDC to show 100% and 3.0VDC to show 0%.
The easy way to control it would be to create a voltage divider with the one-turn potentiometer you have decided to use and a 3VDC Zener diode on the ground side and a normal diode one the power side (.7VDC drop) hooked to a 5VDC source. The potentiometer will vary from the 4.3VDC (5v - the .7v) to the 3VDC created by the Zener.