can you help me please

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hi evertbody :)
i have a project for designing a simple earth loop impedance tester in electrical site
but the problem i don't have a clue to design the power supply of 9V
that's all
with great thanks if u help me


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You could use a battery. 9V is a common and widely available value.
You could use a wall wart and a voltage regulator.
You could assemble a transformer, a bridge rectifier, and a filter capacitor, followed by a voltage regulator.
What are you up for?


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According to Google, a "blog circuit" is a collective of popular blog websites all featuring the same pundits. If we can get voltage out of that, we'll be rich beyond the dreams of avarace.

In the meantime, how much current will the 9v supply have to source? Is there a size or mass restriction?


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So if he wants a "blog circuit" why is he asking us? Can't he go there directly and find it for himself? Possibly, this is a manifestation of the lazy sponge syndrome. I'm sure if a blog website deals with power supply circuits then at least one of my suggestions will be there.