can window comparator work here?

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    Aug 9, 2006
    Good day people.

    I've got some problem doing one of my project.

    And here goes,

    I am building a touch base input device for my project. And basically i came up with this idea of using a window comparator for the application.

    The list of component used:
    - touchpad (is basically a copper tracing which is a open circuit at first, refer to figure 1)
    - LM741 op-amp x 2pcs
    - 1kohm resistor x 2pcs
    - zener diode x 2pcs
    - 7408 AND GATE x 1pcs

    The result i wanted was that once i touch the touchpad, the output from the AND GATE must be a logic 1 and once i let go, it ouput must be a logic 0. (im comparing 6v and 1v respectively n' not 5v and 1v)

    And i tried quite a number of method to no avail.

    Am really quite stuck down by it.

    Any help would be grately appreciated

    figure 1: the touchpad
    figure 2: before implementing the touchpad to the window comparator
    figure 3: added in the touchpad to the comparator circuit




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