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Can we use DC clock for Antenna to generate EM

Discussion in 'Wireless & RF Design' started by darshanmehta2k, Aug 24, 2004.

  1. darshanmehta2k

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    Aug 22, 2004
    Hi All,

    In one of the article (http://www.allaboutcircuits.com/vol_2/chpt_1/6.html) I read that we need AC source to generate EM wave from Antenna. AC source becuase it generates changing Electric field whcih inturn generates changing Mangnetic field. Now my question is, can we use DC clock signal instead of AC signal. The DC clock also generates changing Electric field. So how effective it will be. If I have DC clock of Vpp 5V and frequency of 1GHz, what will be the distance of transmission. Thanks!!

    Best Regards,
    Darshan Mehta
  2. beenthere

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    Apr 20, 2004

    Yes, the 1 gig clock signal wil radiate. That's why computer cases are approved if they are rf-tight.

    It's hard to predict how far hte signal will propagate and be detectable. Lots of variables there. Some amateur radio types like to try moonbounce signals. They use less than a watt out of the transmitter, and only receive the signal after it has travelled to the moon and back.