Can u please help me with this thevenin problem ???

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    Nov 15, 2012
    Please guys can u help me with this?? :confused::confused: coz I should deliver it tomorrow morning
    I set all sources to 0 so we have Rth=3.667 KΩ
    then using superposition and remove the current source and replace it with open circuit so we have Vth1 =-3.333 V
    then remove the voltage source and replace it with short circuit so we have Vth2=25 V
    so Vth=25-3.3333=21.667 V

    other friends tell me that Vth2=30 V

    what's the correct ??
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    If you show your work, it will be easier for the members to know exactly where you went astray ... although they are astute troubleshooters who already know where you made your error ...